The Latitude Freight Way

The Latitude Freight Way

Based here in the Midwest we have quite the radius to expand our business and endless roads to travel allowing our drivers to deliver your freight in a fast and efficient way.

Who we are?
We are a full-service local freight company here in Wichita, KS.

How do we do it?
We have our own assets, including our own trucks, trailers and equipment along with the capacity to broker anything.

What do we specialize in?
We specialize in expedited shipping on flatbed, hotshot and any over-sized or wide loads.

Who do we offer?
We offer safe and experienced drivers. Who are fully capable of loading and unloading specialized freight skillfully with the expectation of delivering in a timely manner.

What separates us from others?
We have a strong drive to build relationships with our clientele which continues to grow. We want our customers and the carriers we link up with to trust that we will do an exceptional job and communicate systematically along the way. When they contact us to deliver their truckload, we know they can count on us to deliver without any hesitation.

Why choose us?
We hold a true knowledge of the business and provide genuine understanding of your specified freight needs. Our approach is both gentle and professorial. We keep things within reason and our goal is to deliver the best possible service to our customers and/or carriers.

At Latitude Freight, we have familiarized ourselves with these highway roads, mapping out the best route in order to deliver freight carefully from point A to point B. We understand how to carry precious company cargo and are available to do so at any point, any time.

Give us a call today and we can certainly set something up and introduce our company to yours!