The Land of a Thousand Thanks

The Land of a Thousand Thanks

Thanksgiving on the Road

Working as a truck driver undoubtedly has its challenges. The freight industry is infamous for its demanding hours and weeks of what seems to be endless travel time spent away from home. Truck drivers often have to spend holidays on the road. For them, Thanksgiving can be tough and lonely. It is, after all, a time of year in which the services of truck drives is most needed. Their best bet is stopping into the Golden Corral or the local diners to enjoy some turkey.

Turkey for Thanksgiving

Let’s be honest – Americans are carnivores. The best part of Thanksgiving is turkey leftovers. The United States consumes over 46 million turkeys each Thanksgiving.

The United States Department of Agriculture reported that 244 million turkeys were sold in 2017. About 45 million served up at Thanksgiving and over 40 million turkeys reserved for Christmas and Easter holidays.

The Land of a Thousand Thanks

Now it’s time to realize what this holiday is all about, giving thanks.

One thing is for sure, Thanksgiving dinner is one thing to look forward to. Have you ever wondered where your turkey comes from as you prepare for Thanksgiving? Depending on your location in the Midwestern U.S., there is one more thing to be thankful for…the state of Minnesota!

Minnesota alone has 450 turkey farms! For generations now, farm families in Minnesota have been raising millions of turkeys annually. Raising turkeys is a lifestyle for them. Farmers are passionate about raising wholesome and high-quality turkeys for their consumers.

The Land of a Thousand Lakes, is the number-one state for turkey production. By a wide margin. The first half of November has been known as the land of a thousand loads. Each day, fresh turkeys are stuffed into temp-controlled trailers preparing for the upcoming holiday. Hundreds of trucks are made available in order to expedite the distribution of turkeys across the country. This poultry prosperous state is also a major source of corn, potatoes and peas to include on your Thanksgiving table.

Tomorrow, when you sit down at the table for Thanksgiving dinner, remember to mention your gratitude for Minnesota and all the hard working farmers and truck drivers who made it possible.