Winter Weather is approaching

Winter Weather is approaching

Winter weather is creeping in this week for the freight industry as we approach a colder forecast and strong winds from the west.

Two regions of interest this week for truckers will be the Mountain Prairie and the Southwest as the jet stream dips southward, sending a strong cold front. Covering almost two thirds of the country. From the West region, things are going to get windy! This is affecting us in the Midwest, here in Wichita, KS where our company Latitude Freight is.

See map below-

 Map of U.S. freight regions . (Source: FreightWaves)

The same cold front could produce snow based on the looks of rain coming up from Texas to the Northeast on Wednesday and Thursday. Approximately 3-5 inches is possible in some areas. Potential for severe thunderstorms across central and east Texas during this time. The downpours from these storms could be torrential at times. Therefore, this may force drivers to slow down or time their rest breaks to coincide with periods of reduced visibility. The weather change this week will definitely affect hauling of freight on I-10 and I-35.

Please be careful out there truckers. We want to make sure you’ll be home to trick or treat with your families just in time for Halloween!