Hurricane Michael has affected the freight industry

Hurricane Michael has affected the freight industry

Currently, the hurricane spreading across the United States has been affecting the freight industry.

Latitude freight has a lot of interesting ways to work around this. In some cases the company might breach delivery loads due to weather conditions.

Hurricane Michael has made landfall with the Florida panhandle as a very scary Category 4. That is the second-highest category with winds up to 150 MPH.

You can imagine what kind of damage that can do to buildings, highways, special cargo… let alone a truck! If you are in or near the Gulf Coast of Florida or Alabama, or anywhere in the path of the storm, PLEASE seek shelter.

Many freight brokers, including some of the largest 3PLs, are charged with moving and warehousing emergency freight. They may be handling this work on behalf of FEMA itself or for a non-governmental agency like the American Red Cross, and they post those loads onto the DAT Load Board.

Drastic times call for drastic measures.