Hot Shot Freight More in Demand in the Permian Basin – West Texas News

Hot Shot Freight More in Demand in the Permian Basin – West Texas News

Services Industry Grows with Texas Land Development

A long awaited need for hot shot freight services is rising for the largest U.S. oil patch, the Permian Basin.  With over $28 Billion poured into land acquisitions, the expedited shipping and hot shot freight industries will be becoming much more visible to Odessa.  Midland, TX is searching for prospective services that is required for all equipment used during drilling.  The job market is rising in Midland and there is no doubt as of why. There have been a vast amount of of the recent land acquisitions.  As a result, Storage yards have grown full and permits for new home construction steeply jumped 50 percent in November.  Midland’s Texas Roadhouse INC now requires over a half-hour wait.

Hot Shot Freight: What this means in General

This news brings greater news for large as well as small suppliers and service providers.  The job openings are growing and services needs are growing fast.  Midland, Odessa, and even Houston are in excessive need of expedited shipping with large firms like Chevron Corp., Concho Resources Inc., and Centennial Resource Development Inc. contributing  involved.  The job market roars back.

Hot Shot Freight: What This Means for Surrounding States

States like Kansas will have a chance to get in on the action. Hot Shot Freight and expedited shipping services are needed in/to Texas.  Furthermore, small and large business in cities like Wichita, KS will be are given excellent opportunity to transport equipment. Also, components necessary for the drilling continue to will ship to Texas.  Hence, hot shot freight services will be used frequently and excessively to assist in the development and the over all performance of the process that these firms plan to carry out with this land.  Freight services are keeping an eye out for these opportunities. Scarcity doesn’t seem to exist for any service provider during this process of Permian Basins land development.

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